5th Generation PUMA X (Windows bootloader)

Works for serial numbers XXXCXXX and upwards! Purchase Date ~November 1st 2023 and onwards.

If you own a serial number A or B, contact us. This is only relevant if you own a 2023 or more recent A-Style Grip.

Download and Extract the PFT Bootloader Zip File to your Windows PC.

Plug the PUMA X to your PC.

Run the PFT Bootloader File. Windows or your antivirus software might prevent you from running the Bootloader. Disable your antivirus software, or choose to “run despite the warning” or run as Administrator.
if the process is successful, you will see the following command screen.

If the process is not successful, it probably means that your PCB is too old and does not support onsite upgrades.

Contact us to get help.