Control Generation Overview


After visiting a flight school in Switzerland and going on a 45 minutes demo ride, a dream rises…


First flight lessons on a Schweizer 300 CBI, manual RPM (no governor) on top of everything else gives you plenty to stress about in this great trainer.

Schweizer 300CBI training helicopter


During winter time and slow flying month, the idea rises to have a home simulator to stay current. the first Pro Flight Trainer prototypes are created.

1st Generation Pro Flight Trainer
1st Generation Transportable Controls

The 1st Generation “Pro Flight Trainer” is presented at a toy fair in Switzerland in partnership with helicopter flight school “Mountainflyers”. The very positive response generates enough momentum to create the company and produce the control in series.

1st Generation Controls with Stand
Toy Fair BEA with Mountainflyers

The transition to the turbine Bell Jet Ranger 206 adds a need for instrument procedural trainer and turbine conversion trainer.

Jet Ranger Transition in Switzerland


due to the strong demand, higher series of the first gen control are now produced on a CNC, a new cyclic Grip from Thrustmaster “Top Gun Fox 2 Pro” is introduced.

Thrustmaster Top Gun Fox 2 Pro


2nd generation “Pro Flight Trainer Evolution” is revealed, with a streamlined design, much lighter concept, optimized for world wide shipping and serial production.

2nd Generation Pro Flight Trainer Evolution

Pro Flight Trainer has the privilege to collaborate on designs like the Eurocopter NH90 Simulator and other exciting simulator projects.

NH90 Simulator

A throttle axis and buttons adds to the possibilities and functions.

2nd Generation Throttle Box


the controls have been shipped to most continents and are receiving many different awards from community magazines and professionals.



the transition to Robinson 22 and 44, as well as advanced sling load and mountain operation training pushes the requirements further, and first development for a metal concept starts

Robinson R44 Cadet

Pro Flight Trainer Staff now rated on 300CBI, R22, R44, B206 and MD500 types, including special training at night, mountain, sling, hover exit, low areal applications.



the controls production is moved to Canada, and the 3rd Generation is revealed. For the first time, the controls are build out of aluminum and have a long lasting powder coated finish. The Black Lynx and Black Fox are born.

3rd Generation Controls Black Lynx

A redesigned website, logo, and company style is launched with the distinctive black white red colors.


The controls are now distributed more or less everywhere in the World, and the US Market is growing fast.


First Installations of dual controls in professional flight school. Pro Flight Trainer is now in use with US Sheriff’s Aviation divisions

Sherrif's 206


Pro Flight Trainer designs and launches its own USB PCB and includes international calibration procedures.


The desire to further push the design into home and high fidelity cockpit applications put us back to the drawing table, and first drafts of fully adjustable 4th generation controls come to live.


4th Generation of Controls is launched under the code name “PUMA”. Adjustable collective Arm, Curved Cyclic Grip, Push-Pull Pedals, Zone Switch Buttons and other features meet many new requirements.


launch of the next generation PUMA X Frame (5th generation) which introduces many new design improvements, dual axis throttle , dual hat + zone switches on the collective head, and many new features, as well as Hall sensor compatibility. the most versatile and adjustable frame on the market in its price class.