Software Configuration

The Table below shows how Windows labels all input axes from our simulator flight control solutions, as well as an overview of the PUMA X buttons and zone functions.

Windows axes labels overview table
PUMA X button and POV overview - zone input overview

FS2020 / Flight Simulator – PUMA X 5th generation

We have partnered with ASOBO and Microsoft Flight Simulator in order for the PUMA X to be directly automatically configured when using Flight Simulator 2020.

This Guide will help you double-check the default settings and help you assign or reverse some axes should the PUMA X 5th generation flight controls not operate correctly right away.

FS2020 / Flight Simulator – PUMA 4th generation and previous models

X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12

We have collaborated with Laminar Research to make sure that the flight controls are automatically recognized in X-Plane 11 and more recent X-Plane versions.

In case you don’t see the control picture under the joystick configuration menu, and you can’t find the necessary files in the joystick configuration folder despite updating your X-Plane Installation, this video explains how to copy the files.

the files can be downloaded from here, PFT-PUMA for 5th generation PUMA X, PUMA for 4th generation PUMA


Joe’s recommended assignments for the DCS Apache module