Software Configuration

FS2020 / Flight Simulator

Temporary setup guide. You will need to make small adjustments to your configuration after the November FS2020 update for helicopters.

The collective axis needs to assigned, and the throttle axis needs to re-assigned to the correct axis. We are working with Asobo to make some changes in the automatic setup, but in the meantime you can follow this mini-guide to get you up and flying 👍.

X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12

We have collaborated with Laminar Research to make sure that the flight controls are automatically recognized in X-Plane 11 and more recent X-Plane versions.

In case you don’t see the control picture under the joystick configuration menu, and you can’t find the necessary files in the joystick configuration folder despite updating your X-Plane Installation, this video explains how to copy the files.

the files can be downloaded from here, PFT-PUMA for 5th generation PUMA X, PUMA for 4th generation PUMA


Joe’s recommended assignments for the DCS Apache module