Terms of Sales

Business Terms


These conditions are valid, if no other written statements have been made between Pro Flight Trainer and the customer. Acceptation of goods always means the acceptance of these conditions from the customer. No conditions written by customer are valid, until we give our written agreement for them.


All our Pricing are VAT/HST excluded. Any import duty and tax will be at the charge of the customer,

as these are not included in our price listing.

Delivery time

Delivery times are subject to change without notice due to higher influence. We understand under higher influence any kind of dangerous meteorological event, high product demand, delivery issues from our suppliers, etc.


All items require you the customer to be inspected upon receipt. Complaints are only possible for the first 8 days after delivery. After that period of time, no complaints can be issued. In the case of transport damage, a reclamation form or claim must be filled to the delivering agency within 2 days of delivery. After that period, all responsibility for transport damages is carried by the customer.

Returning goods

In case the customer wants to return a purchase (due to mechanical or electronical defect), the return shipment costs will always be at the charge of the customer. Pro Flight Trainer will only refund the selling price of the unit, minus any charge generated by the return shipment of goods. These conditions only apply for merchandises with mechanical or electronical defects. Returning goods without written permission never gives guarantee of refunding. Pro Flight Trainer has the right to authorize returns on a “case to case” basis. In case the customer wants to return merchandise without any defect, it needs to be shipped back in the first 14 days after delivery of the goods. In those cases, the prorated refund is 70% of the selling price for unopened packages. Any damages due to poor packaging during back-shipment of the unit will be deducted from the refund.

Payment delay

Pro Flight Trainer has the right to cancel every open order or delivery in case of payment delay without notifying the customer. Goods are always entirely in the property of Pro Flight Trainer, as long as they haven’t been paid.


Our responsibility in case of justified complains never excess the replacement of goods at same value. The customer has no claim for any kind of price reduction, damage-costs recovery of any kind due to direct or indirect consequence of the delivery and installation of the product.

Pro Flight Trainer GmbH, Münsingen, Switzerland, July 2006-2023