TBM Kit (Toe Brake Modification)

USD $ 99.00 ex VAT

5th Generation TBM Kit



The TBM is a 3D PLA+ printed kit that can be installed effortlessly on any 5th Generation PUMA X frame.

Does not fit PUMA Generation 4! please contact us if you need Generation 4 accessories.
The kit includes all you need to add spring-loaded toe brakes to the push-pedals, featuring individual high-accuracy hall sensor axis for Left and Right brakes.

The kit can be ordered as a standalone order for post-modification, or can be ordered with any new Puma X.

General Features:
  • Independent left and right spring-loaded Toe Brakes
  • Variable brake signal (not just on/off operation) with hall sensors
  • Compatible with all Puma X units
  • Plug & Play as with any Pro Flight Trainer products
Toe Brake Modification Kit includes:
  • Left and right 3D PLA+ printed Toe Brakes
  • Mounting hardware and wiring
  • New pedal tube and end caps
  • Installation instructions

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 22 × 7.5 cm