PUMA X A-Style SnapAction- 5th generation USB Joystick

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PUMA X A-Style SnapAction


The Pro Flight Trainer PUMA X A-Style SnapAction is a single pilot, 8 axes HID USB Helicopter Control Device that provides advanced immersion in a realistic helicopter cockpit and reproduces very realistic control inputs compared to real operations. Its affordability, size, design, and precision perfectly meet the requirements of any pilot wanting to expand his skills using simulator software.
It requires 1 free USB 2.0 or higher slot on your computer. No drivers needed!

The SnapAction version is a step up from the Standard and will offer high contact force and short contact bounce which results from the snap-action mechanism, double break switching mechanism with incredibly fast transfer time, reducing arcing and increasing contact life.

The buttons on this version have a mechanical life beyond MIL-PRF-8805 requirements and were designed for real cockpit applications.

These buttons offer dual pressure feedback, pressing once to move the button cap, then having to push through an extra resistance to activate the function, very similar to the real cockpit environment.


Choice of single or twin-engine throttle collective.

Choice of regular rudder pedals or Toe Brake Modification Kit.

The Pre-assembled Packaging requires approximately 1-2 hours of assembling work, all tools included, no special skills required.

The Ready-To-Plug Packaging requires approximately 5-10 minutes of unpacking and there are only 6 screws to attach Cyclic and Collective to the frame.

The 5th Generation flight controls solutions PUMA X series are designed, manufactured, and shipped from Switzerland Europe.

Customizable A-Style SnapAction Cyclic Grip!

The cyclic grip is inspired by Airbus helicopters and is commonly used in the H125, H135, H145, H160, and other variants.

All push buttons can be customized to fit your needs. The top Hat switch converts to 3 Hats using our triple zone system, bringing 4 Hats in your right hand!

Both Hats have push-down functionality for extra functions.

The Grip is interchangeable with our B-Style B8 Cyclic Grip installed by default on the PUMA X B-Style.


  • High contact force and short contact bounce result from snap-action mechanism
  • double break switching mechanism with incredibly fast transfer time, reducing arcing and increasing contact life
  • pushbuttons mechanical life beyond MIL-PRF-8805 requirements
  • pushbuttons designed for us in real cockpit applications
  • regular caps size in red or black
  • optional button or toggle, choice of multiple toggle options
  • 2x customizable Hats with stadium, trim, or castle style

The PUMAS X flight control set pictures show configuration samples. Your setup might look different depending on your choice of options, single or twin-engine, with or without the brakes, etc.

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Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 55 × 35 × 21 cm